Feel all benefits of life with fitness
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    Feel all benefits of life with fitness
    Become younger, live longer
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Fitness Holistic has enhanced the concept of Personal Fitness Training in Malta.

Our personal trainers and fitness instructors are highly qualified in personal training, health and fitness consultancy, sports specific training and small group training. Personal Training sessions are held at our studio gym in San Gwann where parking is not a problem, or else at a gym of your choice. We also do home visits.

Before commencing a training program, preliminary detailed customer profiling and fitness tests are done to line out the requirements of the client. A personal trainer or fitness instructor then designs a specifically-tailored holistic fitness plan, and closely follows progress to ensure the desired results are achieved.

During fitness sessions and periodic testing, data is collected and plotted into graphs for clients to clearly visualize their progress.

At Fitness Holistic we have successfully assisted many people: from lay persons and sports enthusiasts to people suffering from Parkinson’s and other major conditions.

Our fields of specialisation include: personal training (one to one) with nutritionist advice, gym induction sessions, elderly fitness training, exercise for cancer patients, fitness training for Parkinson’s patients, small group training, specialized sport specific conditioning and post-rehab exercising.


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Check some of our client's comments

I have been batteling with my weight ever since I was a teenager tried every fad diet out there and I never felt comfortable going to a gym full of people. Attending Fitness Holistic was the best decision I ever made. You get the best personal attention without the annoyance of anyone else in the gym. Anastasia is absoltutely brilliant. She tailors a training plan to my needs sets a meal plan and always guides me on what I should be eating ensuring that this fits in with my daily routine. She is constantly updating my training plan and keeps it fun yet effective. She also suites it to my goals and personal fitness levels. She is also extremely flexible and wakes up at odd hours of the morning in order for me to get a session in before work. I have lost 10 kilos since I have been going to fitness holistic and look forward to keep working with Anastasia towards achieving a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fitness holistic is definitely the way to go.

Personally I have tried various training options which I found over the internet. With so many information one can easily get misled. Luckily I came across Fitness Holistic and found out they have great offers for consulting a healthy lifestyle. After a month's worth of training the initial readout session already gave out positive results. The most important thing to note is that the training and diet suggested is personalized just for me and my body type things which I never thought of considering. That is why it is important that one seeking out a healthier life style should go to professional people that know what they are doing. My trainer Anastasia Melchina constantly keeps me updated on my progress (via an online detailed GYM workout log). Rather than just being given training to do regular monitoring keeps motivation high to reach goals. Another thing that helps is when my friends and colleagues started noticing I was training without telling them. Fitness Holistic highly recommended.

Mum's medical conditions had limited her mobility reflexes speech and writing whilst increased her weight which made it very hard for us to handle.

Following the recommendations of her consultant we engaged Mum on a Personal Training Programme with Fitness Holistic and after some sessions she has gone from close to couch potato to gaining back confidence in her physical abilities gaining back her speech and conversation skills improved her writing skills ability to go for short walks unaided carry moderate weights prepare meals and carry out her own personal things.

The professionalism and consistent drive of the Trainers were instrumental for Mum's improvement which incented us to invest in more training session but moreover this enhanced our expectation for Mum's improvement.

Thank you for your continued cordial assistance in such a difficult mission MUM especially on her bad days. But on the other hand just wanted to let you know that we respects you all and she appreciates your effort.

Good day and best regards

Sylvana & Marlene

"I started working out with Zoltan at Fitness Holistic in July 2016, only 4 months ago. I can honestly say that what has been achieved to date is life changing. I have lost the extra kilo's that I was carrying, I am fitter, healthier, sleep better, have more energy and overall have a much improved quality of life.
I had few expectations of where the journey to the gym would take me, but with the guidance of the professionals at Fitness Holistic I have far exceeded anything I dared to expect. From our first session we have worked together to make a program that worked for me, this is the secret of Fitness Holistic, it is working together and looking at the whole picture that has achieved the results we have."



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