What Our Customers Say About Us

After being recommended by my GP I decided to hire a Fitness Holistic Elderly Personal Trainer and I can say that since then my life changed. Besides feeling stronger have more balance and more alert I regained that feeling of wellbeing which gives me the confidence I need to venture in everyday tasks which I did not do for years. I feel 20 years younger now and I can say that doing fitness training is the best thing that could happen to me in this phase of my life.

I have only words of praise for the services offered by Fitness Holistic. Anastasia tailored a fitness plan suited to my needs. She made exercising enjoyable and motivated me hroughout. I would recommend their services greatly.

For the past few years I have been under the guidance of Anastasia. I can say that I have never felt stronger or healthier and have achieved outstanding results which is largely due to the pre-planned individualized exercise programs nutrition advices and motivation to push past my perceived limits to get results. Above all my Personal Trainer is passionate about her job possesses enthusiasm and extensive knowledge which renders each training session interesting and challenging.Such individualized programs are ideal for persons in business like me who want to achieve results while working-out in a friendly environment.

I truly look forward to my classes as I feel motivated and inspired! Even more after I am seeing such rapid results. There is such a good energy at Fitness Holistic. The team are ready to help and are very accommodating and professional. I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a healthy path in their lives

I have been going to Fitness Holistic for some nine months now. I was impressed from the start by the professionalism shown both in the initial interview and check-up and the periodic assessments as well as in the structured training that slowly pushes the limits further and keeps one striving to improve. As a result of attending the gym I am pleased to see a general improvement in my strength and level of endurance and an increase in muscle and reduction in body fat.

Having had 2 kids very close together I was looking for some help to get my fitness back and lose the baby-weight! Anastasia was recommended to me by a friend and after our first session I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Firstly we spoke at great length about general health issues diet and most importantly goals and expectations. This was followed by a fitness test and the loan of a heart rate monitor! I train 3 times a week and my sessions are never the same so they keep me on my toes and interested.

At Fitness Holistic they are friendly professional accommodating and advisory but they mean business. They are results driven and provide the encouragement and direction needed to succeed....and you get to train in your own personal gym with your own personal trainer!!

Do you need help? Motivation? Support? Fitness Holistic is the right choice for you.

I chose Fitness Holisitc for the reason that they offer individual attention. Also they offer diet plan based on your needs. I strongly recommend to you to start with FH as I do not regret it. I made the right choice when I chose them. Lauren is my personal instructor trainer. I am very grateful that I have her because she is the best! She is very passionate in what she does down to earth person great motivator and helps you to change and improve your lifestyle and image to a healthier and happier one. She is also caring respectful and likes honesty. She goes beyond her job in order to help you better! With Lauren you will be in a safe hand. Listen to her because what she tells you it's for your own benefit. I appreciate what she is doing with me and I am very thankful to her as my dreams are coming true. I truly look forward to go for my gym session. Thank you very much!

My twelve year son and I worked together with Lauren Cilia La Corte over the summer months. We never felt stronger or healthier. Lauren is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy-going friendly personality creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging creative and best of all fun! She also places a high value on correct form with exercise. She motivated us to get results. Our balance and flexibility improved immensely and we gained some new muscles. Most importantly Lauren helped to show my son the rewards of a regular fitness regime. Thank you Lauren! You are a great fitness instructor!

It took me a good deal of time to finally decide to approach a professional regarding my weight. I must say that I am glad I took the leap. The advise and support offered during my 3 month involvement with Fitness Holistic has proven to be very valuable and I would recommend the service to others. Finally the one to one approach with my Personal Trainer was very good and she was always willing to offer her support and encouragement.

Thanks for everything so far and looking forward to our last meeting in December.

"Been a regular at the Fitness Holistic gym for quite a while now. All I can
say is that staff is friendly made good progress and met a lot of my
fitness goals so far thanks to their help. Staff was always within reach via
email to give their opinions or feedback to any questions and overall I can
say that I wouldn't have been able to reach my goals without their help and
guidance. All in all its always been fun and productive to go to the
Fitness Holistic gym!"

I have been batteling with my weight ever since I was a teenager tried every fad diet out there and I never felt comfortable going to a gym full of people. Attending Fitness Holistic was the best decision I ever made. You get the best personal attention without the annoyance of anyone else in the gym. Anastasia is absoltutely brilliant. She tailors a training plan to my needs sets a meal plan and always guides me on what I should be eating ensuring that this fits in with my daily routine. She is constantly updating my training plan and keeps it fun yet effective. She also suites it to my goals and personal fitness levels. She is also extremely flexible and wakes up at odd hours of the morning in order for me to get a session in before work. I have lost 10 kilos since I have been going to fitness holistic and look forward to keep working with Anastasia towards achieving a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fitness holistic is definitely the way to go.

Personally I have tried various training options which I found over the internet. With so many information one can easily get misled. Luckily I came across Fitness Holistic and found out they have great offers for consulting a healthy lifestyle. After a month's worth of training the initial readout session already gave out positive results. The most important thing to note is that the training and diet suggested is personalized just for me and my body type things which I never thought of considering. That is why it is important that one seeking out a healthier life style should go to professional people that know what they are doing. My trainer Anastasia Melchina constantly keeps me updated on my progress (via an online detailed GYM workout log). Rather than just being given training to do regular monitoring keeps motivation high to reach goals. Another thing that helps is when my friends and colleagues started noticing I was training without telling them. Fitness Holistic highly recommended.

Mum's medical conditions had limited her mobility reflexes speech and writing whilst increased her weight which made it very hard for us to handle.

Following the recommendations of her consultant we engaged Mum on a Personal Training Programme with Fitness Holistic and after some sessions she has gone from close to couch potato to gaining back confidence in her physical abilities gaining back her speech and conversation skills improved her writing skills ability to go for short walks unaided carry moderate weights prepare meals and carry out her own personal things.

The professionalism and consistent drive of the Trainers were instrumental for Mum's improvement which incented us to invest in more training session but moreover this enhanced our expectation for Mum's improvement.

Thank you for your continued cordial assistance in such a difficult mission MUM especially on her bad days. But on the other hand just wanted to let you know that we respects you all and she appreciates your effort.

Good day and best regards

Sylvana & Marlene

"I started working out with Zoltan at Fitness Holistic in July 2016, only 4 months ago. I can honestly say that what has been achieved to date is life changing. I have lost the extra kilo's that I was carrying, I am fitter, healthier, sleep better, have more energy and overall have a much improved quality of life.
I had few expectations of where the journey to the gym would take me, but with the guidance of the professionals at Fitness Holistic I have far exceeded anything I dared to expect. From our first session we have worked together to make a program that worked for me, this is the secret of Fitness Holistic, it is working together and looking at the whole picture that has achieved the results we have."

Rigorous fun training with an emphasis on nutrition and development. No slacking here! PM

Hi Fitness Holistic give you the best training ever

"I gained 7kgs after my second pregnancy. And i know it's more difficult to lose weight after the second baby. I don't want to be big but I want to be strong with lean muscle. So I go to the gym with a personal trainer. He's been giving me a lots of advice how to lose weight in a proper way and I also eat healthier. In few months, I lost weight and gain muscle. Even my husband realized it. Especially the arms, and I lost a lot of tummy fat. Really appreciated and happy to be training here!"

"I am 70 year old man who like to take good care of my health. I can recommend Abner Grech at Fitness Holistic because I have learned many things from him about how to get more fit and keep fit. At my age the training is very personalized and specific and it makes me feel strong and in form."

"Great training experience with Zoltan who made the sessions fun, thus frequently changing the exercises, whilst also pushing me to reach my desired goal. Well organised including regular measure assessments to ensure that, along with nutrition, the desired goal will be reached as planned. Highly recommended!"

"Amazing gym and professional trainer I lost 5 kilos from my weight and 10 cm from my waist in 1 month I suggest fitness holistic as the number 1 gym in this island try it and you will never disappointed."